As is known to all, sunlight is a kind of electromagnetic wave, either visible or invisible. The visible light is referred to those rays to be seen by human eyes, including red,orange,yellow, green,blue, indigo-blue and purple; The invisible one to those not to be caught by human eyes, example . ultraviolet rays, ult rared rays,etc.
In terms of the wave length, ultra red rays rank No.1, followed by the visible light including red,orange,yellow, green,blue, indigo-blue and purple, the shortest length of wave being ultraviolet rays.
The scientific research proves that the force of penetration of rays into water is connected with the length of light wave, thus the shorter the light wave is, the stronger its force of penetration.
In the purest waters of Pacific, within the range of visible lights, the red ray reaches an under-water depth of 55 meters, yellow and green rays 95 meters. The purple ray with stronger force of penetration can reach as far as 150 meters under water, at which the purple ray turns extremely weak, being close to total darkness. So as is often dais, the ocean under 100 meters is a black world beyond any reach of the visible rays.
On the contrary, a ray invisible to human eyes can reach such a depth with stronger force of penetration than any visible light, that is , ultraviolet rays with shorter length of light waves. That physical phenomenon accounts for the ultimate sensibility to ultraviolet rays of many fishes, which depend on the reflections of ultraviolet rays from their prey to hunt for food.
M&W adds the high-tech material–rare earth addition into its newly produced metal lures.As ultraviolet rays penetrate through the ocean water onto the lures, the lures reflect strong UV light.The UV light will always tremendously stimulate the aggressive desire of those fierce fishes.

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