Pandora X1 overhead Jigging Reel

PANDORA X1 Gear Ratio 5:5.1 Max drag 16kg Drag type lever Dual Carbon Drags These reel are designed by experince Engineers who have been in the field and tested on several conditions on different types of fish like amberjack Tunas and Doggies who put tremendous amount of force. And finally came up with a reelRead More

M&W Ocean Fighter Jigging Rods

Credit Photo @primeoctopucs (follow on Instagram)and Anglerwear M&W Ocean Fighter Jigging rods are one of the most trusted Brand of fishing Tackle in Maldives, with Premium finishes and Superb Strenth to Weight Ratio makes it stand out Against the top Leaders of Rod Manufactures in the world. It’s made from Original Fuji components and premiumRead More

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