Seriousanglers Jigging Braid

Seriousanglers Proudly Presents A Braid that Truly Matches the needs of Seriousanglers Anglers Around the World

Seriousanglers Jigging Braid is Manufactured in a 30 years Experinced Over sea conpany who have worked as partners with us making these braids totally outstanding. The key difference of our braid is we dont beauty the specs when we say its pe 3 0.27mm it’s exactly 0.27mm compared to most braids which does so.

These braids are carefully constructed using Japanese top quality fibers and special coating make this braids last longer without reducing its quality while maintaining its key features like roundness and UV reflection which makes it less attractive to toothy predators which has caused several line loss.

We have improved these features to reduce it

These braids will be available soon from seriousanglers Maldives to international Market starting from december 29

All preorders are welcome

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