Getting Your Gear Ready For Monsters

The Assist Hooks

This is One Of The Most Important Part Of Your Gear. The hooks You choose Is Vital since this is where Your Catch Ends Up and The Reason You Jig, obviously. Choosing the right Type of hooks matters depending on the types of Fish You Target and how the jig Moves.

Why Hearty Rise hooks?

For Deep Keeping Your Profiles low should be Very much Considered important because in deep Water current will be present and makes your Connection with your jig from the braid less so you should focus in reducing friction as possible by making your rig as simple and effective as much as you can.

There is a key advantages In Using Hearty Rise Kean Power Hooks, the main and obvious reason is its specially Designed For Making Your Profile as Low as Much and For Perfect Combination Of HR Thin Assist Line the Instruction will be available On HR Website on how To Tie these Knots pretty simple. The Assist line is simple and holds the hooks in place with a simple low profile knot , but don’t be underestimated by its simplicity. Its 100% slip free. The Assist Line has a Carbon Filament inside its core make its stiff to reduce over swaying while the jig is in free fall motion. we keep the assist line as short pas possible around 5cm when its Finished.

Advantages OF Making The Assist Line short

The Advantages Of Making The Assist line that’s attached to the Hook Short is It to keeps the hooks as close to the jig as possible. since the primary Target For the Fish will Be Your Jig. keeping the assist line to the hook short makes the toothy Predators Hard to cut it off, which you will mostly experience when battling or Hooking up Wahoos great Barracuda and sometimes Dogtooths which will easily cut it off if in its initial time of contact with the jig since its power is tremendous. you may notice this pretty often in warmer waters. this is the main reason Why Hearty Rise Hooks are preferred by me and i would highly recommenced this For You.

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