Daiwa Exist Right Hand 18 Exist-G LT 2000D-P Spinning Reel brand NEW


To use a reel that is both LIGHT and TOUGH, has been the dream since anglers first laid their hands on a reel.

In 2018, DAIWA introduced the new concept of creating a reel, that combines the contrasting elements of LIGHT and TOUGH.

The traditional approach when trying to achieve lightness is that it comes at the sacrifice of strength or durability.

Even the slightness reduction in weight can have a compromising effect on strength, while the pursuit of durability brings with it its own limitations and implications.

Reducing weight without foregoing strength and durability was a complex, expensive task, exclusive to the realm of hyper performance machines such as formula one race cars.

The landscape changed with the introduction of Daiwa’s LT Concept. A concept that allowed Light and Tough to coexist and Daiwa’s dream to become a reality of bringing both elements to reel design.



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