Serious Anglers Redhan Jig Razor Back

Angler Afrah

Serious Anglers are always searching for a way to find and learn To improve products for Maldivian Sports Fishing Comunity. In 2019 we launched our First Jigging Braid by Teaming up with Taiwans strongest Braid making Factory in designing suitable and world class jigging Braid to give the Maldivian Sports fishing comunity something they will be proud of as a fishing Nation and now in 2020 we started to design and create a deep Fishing Jig that’s suitable for Maldivian waters and similar ocean conditions where fish is plentiful.

Serious Anglers came up with a new design that’s not only suitable for bottom but as well as mid water to attract the rich oceans of tunas and Palagic Species that roam the entire oceans of maldives

The concept was carefully studied by observing different market made jigs and carefully observing aircrafts designs which are capable of moving through thick clouds to Proppelar Designs making this Jig stand out against the best jigs in the market Today. It’s highly effective on bottom and on drops the rear side designs make sure the jig moves accordingly creating larger search areas on the bottom covering more ground as well as while controlling the fall you will be able to guide this jig easily to the target areas.

We are working on to improve our designs as much as we can to give the best of seriousanglers to every one.

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