SA Prototype X Ultimate Pre Order

It has been Long awaited, and serious anglers have finally finished on its first prototype. Serious anglers speed jigging rod is made from the latest carbon fiber from Toray T1100g which has Extreme resilience and sensitivity giving this rod extreme feel and a Quad Carbon Wrap makes it extreme powerful and prevent from over swaying.Continue reading “SA Prototype X Ultimate Pre Order”

Serious anglers Jigging Braid

Serious Anglers New 2020 Jigging braids are designed with most demanding Features Required in a braid Thin Diameter and Increased Strength. Designed in Maldives and manufactured with the highest quality of Japanese 100% UHMWPE Fibers making it extremely powerful with accurate PE which helps the angler to accurately select the desired applications in jigging. TestedContinue reading “Serious anglers Jigging Braid”

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